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Majkol Robuschi

Italian | Gay | He/Him | Body Positivity Ambassador | Anime connoisseur | Aesthetic: Year 24 Group 

Hello! I’m Majkol Robuschi, born back in 1990, and I’m a huge fan of video games. You might have come across some of my articles on:,,,,,,,,,,, or in the monthly magazine “The Games Machine,” where I also managed web content. Several of my critical articles have also been featured on the pages of Find me on LinkedIn.

Da The Games Machine no.325 di Ottobre 2015

During my collaborations with various publishing entities, I’ve conducted reportages on press-exclusive events and industry gatherings, getting early access to video games and entertainment products. I’ve also attended exclusive screenings of films for review purposes.

From 2015 to 2023, I managed GeekGamer (find it on Wayback Machine; the current website with the same name is not associated with the project), a video game critique blog where enthusiasts and industry professionals gathered to share their perspectives on gaming.

Currently, I collaborate with IGN Italy (you can find my content here) and The Games Machine (you can find my content here).